Young child and baby playing in a room

About us.

10 years experience. Featuring a cast of hundreds…

Based in Christchurch New Zealand, owner Vanessa Blanchard has been focused on creating lasting memories by honing the moulding and casting process.

‘I want your positive memories to begin from the moment we meet. So, we have developed a simple, safe, and smooth moulding process that means one precious moment becomes a memory that lasts forever.’

The Little Feet Company’s aim is to see other families be moved by this beautiful gift.

‘I hope that my passion and commitment to providing a complete, professional service can be seen in each finished product as I believe our quality and detail is unsurpassed.'

Baby's room with framed hand and feet casting on wall

A Little Feet-back from our clients…

“Vanessa is just amazing; we have two castings done by her and just perfection every time thank you so much.”

Belinda McPhie

“We love our cast so much! It is an excellent way to record the baby's growth. They are growing so fast!”

Iris Chan

“Vanessa is brilliant with young babies. She gave us plenty of time to prepare our wee one and made us feel so comfortable. The price was also super affordable for such a precious moment in our lives to be captured. I highly recommend.”

Alicia Chambers

“Love love love it very well done definitely recommend.”

Angela Montgomery